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S&P The Shop for Shop-Owners offers a variety of products for all type of stores and shops.

Whether you run a butcher, cheese shop, fish shop, pastry shop, clothing store, dry cleaner, grocery store or book store, you'll find everything you need to operate your business at S&P The Shop for Shop-Owners: baskets and presentation dishes, displays, decoration, kitchen tools, knives, displays, cash register accessories, labelers, packaging materials, maintenance materials and parts, and much more. Contact us now to find out more. The public is always welcome..

S&P is a family-owned and operated business proud to participate in the day-to-day and development of businesses, stores and individuals for almost 70 years.

From our distribution center located in Montréal, we deliver to customers all across Canada.

Our team members have an average of over 25-year retail and wholesale experience, always on the look-out for new and innovative products.

We are particularly proud to accompany our loyal customers, large and small, in the development of their business for several decades, both in the food sector and in the retail sector in general.

Our strength is to offer a personalised service to our customers, and to always have in stock our catalog products, ready to be delivered and quickly satisfy your needs.

S&P offers a complete service, a true “one stop shop” for retailers. We are proud to offer a personalised service, adapted to the specific needs of each of our customers.

We are always looking for the right solution, tailored to your specific needs. Let our advisors help you find the products best suited to your needs.

Contact us now to find out more or come and visit us at 5902 Papineau Avenue in Montréal.